A new star is added to the blockchain storage sector-CDS mainnet is launched

We know that all the previous cryptocurrency codes are often a form of protocol, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. They are all composed of a protocol integrated in the code and a certain encryption algorithm. Their transaction data storage is often stored in the client in the form of nodes, and with the gradual increase in transaction volume, the volume of the nodes has also become larger and larger. The current Bitcoin full node volume has exceeded 350GB

bitcoin blockchain size,data from blockchain.com

Can we give up such a huge amount of data? The answer is no. The decentralization and traceability technology of the blockchain makes every transaction queried. If it is deleted, the blockchain becomes meaningless.
Because of this, after 2017, many storage-targeted blockchain projects have appeared one after another, of which IPFS and Swarm are the most representative.
IPFS is called Inter Planetary File System, which is a distributed file system used to store and access files, websites, applications and data. The one-sentence description on the official website is: “a point-to-point hypermedia transmission protocol”. IPFS supports the creation of fully distributed applications, allowing file data stored on IPFS to be quickly obtained anywhere in the world for us to access Data is faster, safer, and more open at the same time.

Swarm is a distributed storage network project led by the Ethereum Foundation. It mainly provides services such as content storage, content distribution and network retrieval. It is a basic service implemented by the Ethereum network on the Internet web3.0 stack. The Swarm project network can provide service support for Ethereum network applications. Swarm aims to provide the public chain network with enough idle storage space for the public chain through the public records on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a project that can gather the hard disk storage space and idle bandwidth resources of the Swarm network node participants to participate in the blockchain project. The project that the person provides services.
With the storage space, can it be effectively linked and compatible? The answer is not. Each blockchain has a different protocol. Although Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can use ipfs or swarm networks for decentralized node data storage, they cannot perform cross-chain data interaction.
Thus, CDS (Commercial Data Storage) came into being.

Commercial Data Storage, CDS. It is a protocol based on POTS (Proof of Traffic-measured Storage) flow storage consensus technology and specializes in financial flow storage. It is committed to achieving trust, security and efficient problem solving in financial transactions and the promotion of financial business development.
In addition, CDS can be compatible with the BZZ protocol and realize data intercommunication, which means that the CDS mining machine will be able to mine CDS while also performing BZZ mining.
In addition to the technical advantages of CDS itself, CDS is still committed to legal compliance. It has successfully registered the Rong token Trust and successfully packaged CDS assets, and will be listed and traded on the Nasdaq in the United States as a trust fund.
Every disruptor of the blockchain is a pioneer of technology, and we look forward to the moment when CDS Trust goes public.
*Market risk, the investment need to be cautious.



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