Another welfare! AWA is developed based on the ETX public chain, and a national airdrop is about to be staged, don’t miss it

For many digital currency players, digital currency is high-risk and high-yield, and the roller coaster-style market has made many people afraid of it. However, the digital currency market is indeed a high-risk sunrise industry. When a batch of industry predecessors withdraw from the market, newcomers continue to enter this market to serve more players.

When the first block of Bitcoin was dug, it also marked the birth of blockchain technology, and at the same time, the digital currency that created the amazing wealth myth is still Bitcoin. However, blockchain technology is updating and iterating, society is constantly developing and progressing, and digital currency still has the opportunity to be left to us. The only constant may be whether you can seize this opportunity.

Taking the recent digital currency market as an example, the ETX (EthereumX · NET) was highly sought after at the beginning of the mainnet launch. Both the activity of the community and the hashrate of the entire network are in a relatively hot state, Like a dark horse. With the attention of many parties, the third-party DAPP based on the ETX (EthereumX · NET) public chain will also be officially launched. At the beginning of the launch, AWA will stage a national airdrop, so don’t miss it!

Some people will say that blockchain is not a new technology. It was there 20 years ago. They overlooked one point. A technology explosion must be in a certain objective environment. Players who have experienced market volatility usually have a sharper eye when facing new choices. ETX (EthereumX · NET) was born in a volatile market, and as a new digital currency accepted and concerned by many players, it must have an unusual appreciation property. Needless to say, ETX (EthereumX · NET), which aims to create higher value, is worth having for new and old players.



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Caesar Bruce

a finance,blockchain & fintech enthusiast,loves to focus on some altcoins and new fintech project.Remember Do Your Own Research.