ETX initiated the recruitment of global Dapp creative developers. Excellent Dapps will receive high support.

Bitcoin system has been running for 11 years from 2009 to the present. It has survived some crises and has been continuously improved and upgraded. Bitcoin as a decentralized system, some people will support each upgrade, and some will oppose it. During this period, bitcoin “expansion” is an important contention in the bitcoin community, and BCH is forked. BSV and other currencies, such disputes have not ceased.

EthereumX consensus mechanism transformation: from PoW to PoS In addition to scale and compilation efficiency, the most significant change in the EthereumX transformation process is the transformation from PoW to PoS. After testing the blockchain network with more security models, PoS may be more effective, but new and less obvious attack vectors may appear, but from the current data, it can be seen that the entire ETH 2.0 is difficult to achieve in a short time.

In this situation, ETX (EthereumX · NET) was born. Ethereum X (referred to as “ETX”) is a blockchain smart contract consensus network graphics card mining public chain for certified entity identity; a new brand The blockchain architecture is positioned as an easy-to-use high-performance blockchain platform designed to achieve the performance expansion of distributed applications to meet the real business needs of the real world. With a complete user privacy protection and identity authentication mechanism, based on the low-cost and efficient PoW + DPoS consensus algorithm and customized smart contracts, quickly establish a decentralization, resource sharing and self-development for authentication entities and applications of different identities Smart ecological network. Relying on graphics cards, digital assets as a means of circulation, and ultimately, a benign circular economy model that returns to the real world and promotes the development of the real economy through scene applications.

Now in order to promote the continued development of ETX, EXT launched a global Dapp creative developer recruitment plan.

The creative solicitation contest is launched by the ETX (Ethereum · X) developer community, and will support free dapps for up to 10,000 ETX per day for the promotion and operation of dapps!


  1. Post your dapp design ideas in the forum independently, which will be developed by the developer community or third-party independent developers.

Posting format is:

① [Dapp solicit] + I will come up with ideas or ② [Dapp solicit] + I will do development

2. Whether any developer is responsible for development, you need to leave a message in the post below to indicate “development cycle” and ‘ Expect the number of ETX supported by the Foundation ‘

3. The winner of the event is determined by the number of forum likes. The highest dapp model design with the highest number of likes will be supported by the foundation’s daily maximum 10,000 ETX operations!

4. The final interpretation of this event belongs to the forum.

5. The deadline for the statistical results of the event is May 1, 2020.

When the huge waves swept in, if we stayed in place or moved like a snail, we would be greeted with only broken bones. The market changes rapidly, and only by seizing the opportunity and acting swiftly can we have smooth winds and sunshine. (There are risks in the market, investment needs to be cautious, please do as your capability permits.)



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