The inflation of the US dollar is getting worse, the trend of gold is weak, and the ETX may become the next best

Many veteran insiders may know that using gold to resist the pressure of inflation is a very safe method. In particular, the current industrial reforms in the United States have led to further upward pressure on inflation, and global markets have begun to deploy gold to hedge the impact of rising prices.

Looking back at history, we can find that the development situation in the past 50 years shows that gold has performed very well in resisting hyperinflation, but it has not performed well in the period of expected widespread inflation. Recently, some scholars have found that the relationship between gold and inflation is very weak, especially the current economic situation is more diverse and complex. It is obviously no longer the mainstream practice to use gold alone to hedge pressure.

According to the latest data, with the strong performance of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, people are increasingly willing to use digital currencies to avoid risks. In particular, ETX (EthereumX · NET), which has recently become a big hit, has captured the hearts of many currency circle friends with relatively broad development prospects and stable growth in market performance. Especially in the decentralization of the core of digital currency, ETX (EthereumX · NET) is only in accordance with the protocol submitted by the system, so users do not need to complete the transaction through a third-party intermediary platform, only need to carry out point-to-point transactions through the system agreement That’s it.

Also because of the technical security of ETX (EthereumX · NET), ETX (EthereumX · NET) will not have the risk of intercepting transaction information and login information by others, and the security of personal information can be better guaranteed. Of course, in addition to personal information security, ETX (EthereumX · NET) does not need to be regulated and cannot be regulated, which gives it greater resistance to pressure and stability. It can be said that ETX (EthereumX · NET) is much larger than the market. Most digital currencies must be stable and not easily affected by third parties, so users will feel more at ease and more at ease.

ETX public chain adopts a brand-new blockchain system architecture and is positioned as an easy-to-use high-performance blockchain platform, designed to achieve the performance expansion of distributed applications to meet the real world real needs. The high cost of enterprise R & D and application is one of the pain points that restrict the construction and industrial application of blockchain, especially blockchain public chain.

The ETX public chain provides stable and efficient infrastructure, standardized and modular application plug-ins, full-process technology and model consulting, etc., enabling the team to develop applications and DApps based on the ETX ecological network, including: multi-currency decentralized wallets, decentralized Exchanges, decentralized peer-to-peer trading systems, etc.

ETX is a smart economic technology infrastructure, which provides strong technical support for the development of decentralized applications, and will eventually develop into an ETX ecosystem. The global ETX community and continuous talent training are important foundations for realizing the ETX ecosystem. Regardless of the technical level or popularity, ETX (EthereumX · NET) has both. In the international situation where dollar inflation is becoming more serious and gold is weak, the ETX public chain may become the next best.



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Caesar Bruce

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