Two days after the launch of ETX, the computing power of the entire network has exceeded 60G, and it is normal for one currency to be hard to find.
On November 1, 2008, a person who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto posted a research report on a cryptographic discussion group. The report expounded his new concept of electronic money. On January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto unearthed the first batch of 50 bitcoins on a small server in Helsinki, Finland. Since then, bitcoin has been in full swing in the financial industry as a representative of virtual currency. .
As the culmination of a new round of information technology innovation, the application of blockchain in the economic industry is pushing the entire economic system to achieve technological change, organizational change and efficiency change, and the application of blockchain technology will bring the existing business model Refactoring.

With the continuous advancement of blockchain technology, in addition to some applications of blockchain itself, digital currency has also been given certain economic value. Among them, Bitcoin is a typical representative of digital currency. From the birth of Bitcoin to today, it has created countless wealth myths. Looking back now, have you ever thought about it, if you firmly held a certain amount of bitcoin, you will now have What about different life paths?
Time is gone, it is better to look at the future than to look back at the past. Today, blockchain technology is still hot, Ethereum-X was born, and it has attracted the attention of many new and old players at the beginning of the launch. At the same time, two days after the mainnet was launched, the computing power of the entire network once exceeded 60G! Such a result is enough to show everyone’s attention and optimism about it.

Ethereum- X referred to as ETX is an experimental project of ETH, original POW + DPOS model to solve the defects of ETH’s existing economic model, and will improve the security of generating blocks, adopting a new blockchain system architecture ETX is a blockchain One of the operating systems in the field is the infrastructure of the blockchain world. It defines all the series of mechanisms on the public chain. Developers can build their own applications on it, providing a wide range of applications for the blockchain industry. space. The ETX China public chain project conforms to the development trend of informatization and is at the forefront of blockchain public chain technology and application. It is committed to creating an ecological industrial public chain system that meets the needs of global industries and promotes the integration of blockchain technology and the actual economy.



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Caesar Bruce

Caesar Bruce

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