Unimine airdrop, get UMI worth 0.05ETH for free

Yesterday I discovered a new DeFi project. You can get airdrops without spending any funds. Airdrop coins cannot be transferred temporarily. You can transfer UMI token after the game is activated.

This game should still be in the beta stage, so an invitation code is required. As long as you have an ETH wallet, you can participate. A certain amount of ETH is required as a gas fee. I tried it around 0.005 .

My recommended link is: http://unimine.org/#/register/0xD848e2BFFAe7397f433342e7175E44d5C82B6B11

According to the information on Unimine ‘s official website Unimine.org, it is a comprehensive defi platform. The platform plans a total of three phases of mining. The first phase is Unisage game mining. The airdrop we get will also be open for transfer after the first phase of the game is activated; the second phase of liquidity mining may be our common storage of LP tokens for UMI The third phase is custom mining. This part is somewhat different from other projects. Any project can be submitted to Unimine for mining. It may replace the traditional ICO , which is to use DeFi mining for token distribution. A certain amount of imagination.

Economic model additional tokens are continuing destruction mechanism, the total amount of 100 million , premine 5 million , mining production 95 million. based on its litepaper display will be destroyed to 21,000 UMI so far.

By the way, the total dropped only 500,000 UMI , so seize the time to participate in closed beta drop it. Anyone who is interested can continue to follow its social media twitter and telegram .

*The market is risky, this article does not constitute investment advice



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